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Wealth Management

Personalized Financial Advice

Wealth is personal. That’s why we take a personalized approach and the time to get to know and listen to you. We ask the right questions to learn what matters to you most and understand your current situation then offer guidance designed to implement good financial habits that lead to financial success. 

At Scherer Capital we strive to protect and preserve our clients wealth through a defense first, offense second approach. Through blending active and passive money managers we're able to fully integrate your investment goals with your emotional and behavioral tendencies. 

What Do I Get For Advisory Fee? 

  • Comprehensive Investment Strategy engineered specifically for you
  • Collaboration with both Active and Passive Money Managers
  • Selection of appropriate investment vehicle to properly execute strategy
  • Ongoing Risk balance assessment to manage emotional and behavioral tendencies
  • Investment Health Assessment from an objective stand point
  • Probability testing on current and proposed designs
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring, rebalancing and maintenance
  • Scheduled Planning Reviews at appropriate frequency
  • Regular Informative Client Communication