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Financial Planning

Financial Planning with our 4 Phase Philosophy

Financial planning will give you a clear picture of your financial life. It provides direction and discipline to know where you’re going and to help keep you on track. Without a plan, people typically make impulsive and random decisions—buying insurance, investing in the trendiest assets, adopting the latest tax strategy without reason. We will help you achieve your goals by providing clarity to your actions.

Financial planning is a long-term, collaborative relationship. We’ll work together to develop sound financial strategies to help meet your needs now and into the future.  


Personalized Financial Advice

Wealth is personal. That’s why we take a personalized approach and the time to get to know and listen to you. We ask the right questions to learn what matters to you most and understand your current situation then offer guidance to help implement good financial habits that lead to financial success.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

We work with you to establish a solid financial foundation and continue to support and guide your progress toward goals and adjust as your needs change and you experience life’s milestones.


Navigating Life Changes

Your financial life changes as you experience life’s big moments such as buying a home, change in marital status, job transition or planning a family. At Scherer Capital, we help you navigate balancing immediate needs with planning for future goals. 

We utilize technology to demonstrate the real-time impact of financial decisions to help avoid or offset financial hurdles and give you confidence in your financial wellbeing.

Navigating Financial Goals

We can help you sort through the options and create a strategy that best suits your immediate needs and future goals. Financial goals often include the following:

  • Saving for College Education
  • Starting a Business
  • Business Ownership
  • Managing Debt
  • Reviewing Insurance Needs
  • Planning for Long-Term Care


Retire with Confidence

Retiring with confidence and enjoying what’s been worked for is everyone’s dream. However, there are many common concerns that get in the way of fulfilling that dream, such as uncertainty over how much to save, fear of outliving savings and how to plan for future expenses while maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle in retirement. At Scherer Capital, we can help make the dream of retirement attainable with careful planning and consideration of Social Security and other available government benefits, employee plans and timing of income and deductions as you enter the retirement stage.

Protecting Your Wealth

Retirement is a significant lifestyle change that goes beyond financial needs. We’re here to listen and collaborate with you to help identify and hedge obstacles to a successful retirement. 

At Scherer Capital, we work with you to create a personalized, comprehensive plan to scale back risk and protect your wealth. We utilize a digital platform to provide comparisons and simulate your retirement path to factor in your concerns and help you retire with confidence.


A Lasting Legacy

What does a lasting legacy mean for you? How will your dreams, the values you’ve lived by, your life’s work and the love for your family be honored once you’ve passed?

An essential component of any financial strategy includes an estate plan to ensure a lasting legacy. 

Importance of Estate Planning

An estate plan helps you determine how you wish your assets and estate to be divided in the event of death, as well as communicate end-of-life decisions when you can no longer do so on your own.

Whether it’s choosing to secure your family’s future, supporting a charity, your community or a cause close to your heart, Scherer Capital Management can help ease anxieties surrounding complex financial planning needs, help maximize wealth for distribution, improve communication and provide all involved parties with a clear picture of the legacy you envision.

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